Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Adrian!!

Four years ago today John and I were blessed with one very amazing little boy.
Adrian has taught me so much about so many little things in life, things I probably used to take for granted. He's taught me that I'm able to find patience that I never knew I had - just every now and again he likes to test that one ;)
Looking at the world all over again through his beautiful big brown eyes has made me a better person in so many ways! 

(He was SUPER excited about his birthday this year
& yes, there are too many candles on his cake, he is not 6 - John had to point that fact out to me ;)

It was a very low key birthday this year, actually we celebrated last night since today was a busy day for dad... life has been very unpredictable and crazy lately. I promised him as soon as his dad slows down we'll be going somewhere for some serious fun!

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Amy Tranter said...

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY, Adrian!! You bring immense blessing to your family, and we are privileged to know you! Wish we got to play more together but maybe someday either we'll be back in OHIO or you all will be back in hot Floriday. :)