Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come on Ride That TrainTrain.....

And the train obsession continues... we had Adrian's pre-k field trip today a Pumpkin Farm and there was a wooden play train that Adrian and Preston DiD NoT want to leave and it was not a pretty sight... so I promised if they stopped crying I would build them a train when we got home.. (a tall order, I know ;) And this is what we got. Not too bad for a quick fix... some boxes, rope, construction paper, paint and lots of tape!

(obviously I still need to read more of my new camera manual, the quality of these pics suck, sorry) I say it's the camera's fault, John says it's the controller?!?

Omg... Adrian looks soo much like a ten year old John in this picture!!

Not sure how long the boxes will hold up?? but the kids are sure getting some good use out of it.

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