Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Birthday

We celebrated Terri's birthday over the holiday weekend.
I think it was the big 4-0 again ;) she sure looks like it would be.

Adrian can't resist helping out with the candles!

Papa Honey and the kids piled on.

Adrian passed around a cold last weekend and I got the worst of it, so it was a long miserable 4-5 days and John's working a ton. When I'm sick I feel like we've got 10 kids instead of 3. There's just no time to get sick! However, I still managed to pull together enough to switch out summer clothes and winter clothes. But it took me a whopping 2 days to finish the project. It's nice that most the clothes can go straight from one boy to the next, now that they're all about a 1 size difference.

only 1/3 of it

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Anna said...

Your new family photos look so nice!