Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barber Time

Dad's the new barber. John kept making fun of Preston's hair and my cutting abilities, so we had him give it a whirl. Poor Preston has the most baby fine hair and it's so light that you can see every cut made in it. It's so hard to cut. After John's job... P has to wear a hat till some spots grow out now.

My BiG battle ahead...  bye bye Mr. Binky- sometime soon.. maybe or maybe next month ;)

These two are quite the duo. When Adrian goes to school in the morning I've been hitting up the grocery store. I had 5 people last week as me if they were twins. Kellen's gaining on lil P fast. I bet in 6 months they'll be pretty darn close to the same size. John just wants to tell people they are twins so Preston doesn't look like a tiny little dude ;) Awe.....

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