Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barber Time

Dad's the new barber. John kept making fun of Preston's hair and my cutting abilities, so we had him give it a whirl. Poor Preston has the most baby fine hair and it's so light that you can see every cut made in it. It's so hard to cut. After John's job... P has to wear a hat till some spots grow out now.

My BiG battle ahead...  bye bye Mr. Binky- sometime soon.. maybe or maybe next month ;)

These two are quite the duo. When Adrian goes to school in the morning I've been hitting up the grocery store. I had 5 people last week as me if they were twins. Kellen's gaining on lil P fast. I bet in 6 months they'll be pretty darn close to the same size. John just wants to tell people they are twins so Preston doesn't look like a tiny little dude ;) Awe.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Picking Pumpkins

My aunt Mikki was kind enough to let us come pick a bunch of pumpkins from a garden out in the country where she plants veggies and such. It was beautiful and the fresh country air was amazing.

Aunt Mikki

Nana helping Adrian up. He kept falling on purpose... see he learned the word "stumble" on sesame street a couple weeks ago and now it's his favorite word this month ;) he's so cute!

This is the display of our hard work picking pumpkins.. we'll carve or paint faces on them in October.

Preston's "huh" face ;)

Sandy n Guy Visit

Sandy and Guy flew north for a visit ;) and we enjoyed a nice family dinner.

John and I are so blessed to have come from such wonderful families!

lots of grandma Julia's brothers and sisters

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Birthday

We celebrated Terri's birthday over the holiday weekend.
I think it was the big 4-0 again ;) she sure looks like it would be.

Adrian can't resist helping out with the candles!

Papa Honey and the kids piled on.

Adrian passed around a cold last weekend and I got the worst of it, so it was a long miserable 4-5 days and John's working a ton. When I'm sick I feel like we've got 10 kids instead of 3. There's just no time to get sick! However, I still managed to pull together enough to switch out summer clothes and winter clothes. But it took me a whopping 2 days to finish the project. It's nice that most the clothes can go straight from one boy to the next, now that they're all about a 1 size difference.

only 1/3 of it

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rub-A-Dub-Dub 3 Men in a Tub!

This will probably be the "last bath" together for the trio. They get bigger... and it just gets harder, and our tub is just too small now for these growing bodies. Our master bath is too deep for all 3 and I break my back trying to get everyone washed and cleaned up. And I get paranoid since Kellen is still a young baby and slides too easily in it.

Huh? What'd u say to me?