Monday, August 2, 2010

DC - Baltimore Trip

The two oldest boys and I took a road trip with my MIL to visit my SIL and some more of John's family recently. It was a great time, we saw family, hit up the Baltimore Aquarium and had the BEST crab I've ever eaten!

Poor P... but he looks so darn cute tho, Val and G. Honey kept having him say "driving Miss Daisey"

going in for the big kiss....

love you P!

Baltimore was such a cool place to see and had some beautiful areas.

There was some sort of Comic-Con Convention going on in Baltimore and people dressed up everywhere. It made for some very interesting people watching!

Valeria was... KuNG Fu FiGhtInG!

The Gang!
John W. (Kaleb's dad, no.. not my John - but they do look a lot alike!), Kaleb, Terri aka G. Honey, Me, Adrian, Valerie, Preston and Brian

Here's Val making a stroller look good... rolling up with the double & 100+ lbs of kids on it

Adrian modeling Brian's shades

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