Monday, August 30, 2010

Crochet Head Bands and Flower Clips

bonus: Link to a GREAT TuTu Tutorial below!

Thanks to my friend Rachel (who has 4 children, and finally a baby girl ;) She of course dresses Little Miss Halle to the 9's in the cutest baby girl gear! She also started buying these cute hair bands and clips at boutiques until she realized she could get crafty and make them herself. So she passed along her great ideas to me and whalllaa, here are some that I made.

No, I don't have any girls (& the lady at the craft store was looking at me funny when I told her what I was doing with this stuff, and I have a cart with 3 boys in it), BUT I will be an aunt to a little princess niece in November, so I've started a collection for her. And I made a bunch for my friends with daughters, or those who are expecting daughters in the near future. It was fun, a little time consuming and sometimes hard to find the time with my trio that keep me very BUSY ;).. but it's been a nice little hobby for now, until something else comes along. My big goal someday is to learn how to sew. It's been on my list of things to learn for a looong time now. One of these days!!

Here's my girlfriends daughter Jaidyn striking a pose in her new headband ;)

You can get these headbands all over the place. Or the crochet material can be bought at the some of the craft stores by the yard and sewn together to make a headband, then the flowers are just glued with a glue gun to the clips and for some I added gems.

Here are the clips for the flowers/bows, it's just an alligator clip with ribbon glued on them.

And here is Miss Halle. Rachel's been making these tutu's for her too, then making the matching head bands. So adorable!
Tutu Tutorial was found at this Awesome Blog!


Anna said...

Awww, sweet headbands!

And, if you want to learn how to sew...I think I know someone who can help you with that. ;-)

Mikaela said...

ADORABLE! look how crafty you are! i've been thinking of making these for bella for a long time now, so thanks for getting me more motivated to do it! ;) hope all is well!