Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kellen! 1-2-3

It's official... for the next 4 months we will have a 1,2 and 3 yr old.

I can not believe our baby is ONE!! It makes me sad ;( and sometimes... just sometimes I want one to stay a baby forever.We had a fun July 4th/Birthday party. Not many pics tho, I sooo need a new camera (hint, hint, my birthday present dear sweet husband of mine ;)
Over half of my pics were too dark or blurry, bummer! But we celebrated and had fun, the kids had WAY too much sugar and were almost unbearable the rest of the night, it was meltdown, tantrum city at our house. No more excess of sugar here.. I am for real!

Adrian's hands stealing cake are in every pic

Adrian helping himself.. over and over again

Nana and Kellen.. ththththur and slobber

pre-party checking out the bouce house (thanks to our friends parents for letting us borrow it!) all the kids loved it!!

He held these 2 balloons for over an hour, just like this

a chocolate fountain courtesy of grandma honey.. YUM
and john and the kids had to finish the leftovers after the party so they wouldn't go to waste ;)

my handsome one year old!

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Amy Tranter said...

i LOVE that last pic of you and Kellen! what a blue-eyed cutie you have on your hands! gosh, your backyard makes us long for Ohio too!! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELLEN!!! MJ is right behind ya! :)