Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doing a "Little" Something...

Thanks to our friend Anna, we are trying to do a "little" somethin, somethin for a very BIG problem. Although the kids may not totally get it yet, they helped me fold and pack up a box of cut up blankets and towels and some Dawn dish soap to send to the FL Panhandle. Hoping our tiny contribution will be used to help clean up some innocent, oil covered animals. It's simply.. a very sad thing! John told me he read that this all could have been prevented had BP not been so tight & money hungry with their finances! It can be a world of greed sometimes ;(

If you use dawn dish soap, you can go to this website and enter in the code on your bottle and they will donate $1 to the cause. The link is at the top of the webpage.

Here's the contact through the "Craft for Hope" organization. In case anyone feels like sending some old towels or cut up blankets or Dawn. They need to be hand towel size or washcloth size.


Mikaela said...

thanks for the info, what an awesome thing to do!!

Amy Tranter said...

what a cool thing to do with the boys. yes, it is soooo sad - I just cannot imagine it getting any worse in the waters. thank you for doing this and I'll see if me and the boys can do the same!