Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Trip to the ER

And many more to come I'm sure... especially with having 3 boys! I remember Preston's nurse telling me she had 3 boys and was in and out of the hospital for broken bones and and stitches all the time. Fantastic! Our last ER Visit:
So Adrian is super allergic to bug bites (get's it from his mama) and got attacked by some nats or small insect last night while playing in the yard. Benadryl just didn't cut it, so after his nap today his eyes looked like he went a couple rounds with Tyson so we headed to the ER for some steroids. We're hoping he grows out of this, I can't imagine every time he gets bitten by something that we have this terrible outcome. His meds keep him awake, but it's nice having some one on one time after the other 2 little people headed to bed. So we thought we'd blog together ;) he thinks it's so cool looking at his own pictures.
Love this lil man to pieces!

Just Awful.. I know!! John had a hard time looking at him because he doesn't look like himself, not even close. Poor baby!

A before pic - B4 the big fight with the flying insects

and an after pic ;( I'd say the bugs won


Amy Tranter said...

oh my gosh - I'm so sorry!!! poor Adrian - he doesn't even look like himself!! hope the steroids help quickly so he can get off of them too. :) miss you guys always!

Danielle-Marie said...

The pictures brought tears to my eyes! Poor little man :(