Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atlanta Trip

Last week I took the two oldest boys on a road trip by myself (yes, many ppl thought I was crazy) we visited a great longtime friend and her family. I have to say this trip was much easier than I anticipated.. thank goodness. The boys were very patient little travelers, 10.5 hours each way. Our visit was just FABULOUS! The kids all played so well together and we got to do so many fun things. I can't wait to go back!
And a bonus... I came home very refreshed and relaxed ;) I think John was happy about that one.

on the trip down.. they just loved Cracker Barrel, who doesn't?

We went to Tyler's baseball game, P and his bubbles

Rachel, Chase and Preston

Their new baby girl Halle, an absolute doll who has my heart. And such a good little baby too!

Preston was very fond of her!! He was very gentle and sweet.

At the Pirate/Sand/Blow up slide indoor playground - this was so awesome! Kids loved it.

Adrian and Chase - best buds ;) great pic, even tho A has his eyes closed.

Adrian climbing up the slide

packed a lunch

Having fun with a water fan when it was almost 90 degrees. Reminded me a lot of FL

Rachel has some better group shots of the kids, I'll post em when I get them.

After that trip I feel like I could probably road trip anywhere now with a couple kids in tow ;) I feel very accomplished ;)

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