Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Puppy Luv ;)

We're babysitting Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff's puppy Keno this week. He is such a great little dog, and the kids absolutely adore him. They all play hard and wear each other out and it's lovely! I'm not sure what they'll do when he goes home? We won't be getting a dog of our own until ALL the kids are potty trained ;) we've got a while to go!

Preston and Keno napping

All the kids romping around on the couch. Keno loves tug'o war with Adrian's blanky!

So hilarious... Keno was running around with a binky in his mouth... he fits right in!

Big Stander Kellen! He looks like he barely has legs with those balloon pants on.

I had to post Adrian's picture. I always ask him to draw "daddy" and here it is! It's all Adrian's work. I think it's pretty good for 3 1/2.
Looks like John... 2 eyes, 2 ears, nose and even 2 eye brows.. ;)

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Amy Tranter said...

meant to comment on this one a week or so ago. "you've GOT to get a puppy like this for the boys:", says the "carefree, non-hassled" part of me. And then, "oh my gosh - so cute but too bad not now!", says the "everyday, practical, run-down and always too tired" mom side of me.
hee hee'

Adrian is an artist too!!!