Sunday, March 28, 2010


3 videos below, just click on the arrow to play em.
Warning: turn down your volume a tad the videos might be loud.

Tickling Kellen

Preston trying to serve his binky to Kellen on a plate.. and telling him "NO"

Kellen loves him some beads! Belly laughing so cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Preston! #2

WoW! Preston is really 2 already? It just doesn't seem possible... our babies are growing up way too fast! Preston has come a long way from the little preemie he used to be. His favorites right now are saying "NO.. Adrian.. no!" and "yeah, I did it" (I must say no alot ;) He's so very impressionable these days, repeating just about everything we say and do. We just did a low key birthday last weekend with us and the kids, it was fun and relaxing.

Adrian got his first "short" haircut, it's not really styled here but you get the idea. I'm still not sure about it yet?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


A couple pics from John's Chicago trip for work.

Sears Tower... it looks ginormous!! Even from this angle.

The dino was at the Chicago Field Museum.

Around the House

Kellen's finally getting old enough to play more with his older bros! I have to keep a very close eye on him because Adrian and Preston pretend he's a horse sometimes.

Adrian hogging both laptops like usual ;)

Adrian was comparing my vacuum with his. Preston is currently obsessed with following me all over the house with the mini vacuum when I'm using mine. It's pretty cute!

Is is sad that in this video I almost forget Kellen's name or which child I am talking to... 3 little boys are starting to confuse me ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Quite the Character

super serious..
not a side of him we see often

Playing with Adrian's play glasses.. the kids love these things.
I guess it's good to know if they ever "really" need them someday they'll probably enjoy it.
i see future little nerds ;)