Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Visiting the ER

Lil Preston had his first ER visit Sunday and again Tuesday. Poor little man had a high fever for days and tonsils the size of golf balls. The only place he would be comfortable was on my shoulder for 6 days... On Tuesday the ER pumped some fluids into him to rehydrate and he was like a new boy! He is recouping just fine and no one else has gotten sick.. really, wow!! Keeping our fingers crossed! I don't think we have the energy for another bout of this illness!

He did so much better than I thought he would when they put the IV in. Brave dude!!


Amy Tranter said...

gosh I'm so mad that i'm just now reading this! i have myself set up to "follow" your blog, but maybe there's something else I need to do? i am so sorry for not knowing that Preston was so sick, but I'm SOOO HAPPY that he's better. how scary to see him get an IV - we mommies feel it for our babies. :)
love all the pics - keep up the great blogging!

Aunt Mikki said...

Awwwwww.....what an angel you have there, and a brave one as well! Although all your boys are angels, even when they are playing in the house plants!!!!!