Friday, December 31, 2010

Baseball in the House

Struggling to keep 3 (VERY active) little boys busy this winter. We started playing baseball in the house and it's been a big hit!

Long list of supplies are:  wrapping paper tube and balloons

  • can't break anything in the house
  • ball (balloon) goes slow enough the kids can actually hit it
  • makes it easy to teach the kids proper batting/hitting form
  • they'll be ready this summer for the real deal (or at least some backyard whiffle ball)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Celebrations #3 and #4

What a handsome, handsome trio!

much love Adrian! xoxo to pieces My Man!

Grandma Angie and Pa

Cousin Kaleb is going to be such a great role model for them!

(clearly this pic was taken with my old camera!) blur blur BLUR blah....

P crackin Grandma Honey up!

Brian, super stoked about the Keurig 

Kaleb and Val.... B-eautiful & just glowing in that shirt ;)

Adrian's favorite thing lately is to put on his red vest and hat and pretend to be Santa.  The boys said they were looking for reindeer. We had 5 the other day cross the street from our front yard (bambi... no rudolph)

John bustin a move on the Kinect Dance Central.. love this gift! 
It's got an amazing Fitness workout game... it's just like having a trainer to workout with. Now we just need to borrow some spare time from someone ;)

I'm in LOVE with my new camera! crisp, clear, awesome!
taking a pic in my super sweet Christmas morning jammies.. u like?!? not only can shop for the kids at Children's Place.. but I can also shop for me 
(when I want to dress like a twelve year old -  fun!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Celebrations #1 and #2

EXHALE..... I look forward to Christmas as it as soon as it starts getting cold out (which is like September here), then it gets closer, then stressful, then jammed packed with functions and then we blink and it's all over. This year we had 4 celebrations. This means... I took a shower four days in a row, did hair and full makeup, my outfits matched, the whole 9 yards.. what can I say, when you stay at home with 3 little munchkins... showers, baths, shaving, makeup and wearing nice clothes.. become much less frequent than before.

(Pics from #3 & #4 coming soon too)

Sweet G.JuJu and Viv
 My beautiful niece Vivian, just want to squeeeeeeze and cuddle her!

The gang showing off some of grandma Julia's treasures. It's just not Christmas unless my grandma is gifting us with her sometimes random & always fun stuff - I remember one year when my brother got a pair of girls granny panties (prob. supposed to be in my box), a light up poker visor and some nestle quik. Not random at all?!? ;)  My favorite JuJu gift from memory was a pink high heel door stop, which I used and loved.

 Someone invited Papa Smurf ;) sporting some of Grandma Julia's hidden treasures, a pearl necklace and hair towel. Lookin good!!
Sara and Tom - i had to take 3 pics, i think Tom was so over it (my camera really sucked it up that night)
Cousin Geno-nino's backside
Christmas Kisses

John using my new CAMERA he got me... woo hooo... I was so shocked! Now I don't have to complain about my camera anymore, what a relief for everyone.
(yes, his shirt has a giant hot dog on it, a pig, chicken and a cow too) He's into Shirt Woot now.

Cool trippy pic. My mom was standing in front of a lamp and I randomly said to strike a pose. Amazing Aura around her!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and spent it sucking up quality time with loved ones!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Aidan's Pictures Arrived

We got em! That little somethin, somethin Aidan's Cause that we contributed for that cute little boy... Well his pics finally arrived and we framed em and hung em. They look really cute in A and P's rooms. 
Striking a pose with their pics. 

Coming Soon....

500 Christmas Pictures... first I have a house to clean and put back together, a tree to take down, and lots of toys to assemble ;) it's gonna be a fun one!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Putting out Fires

My real full time job is mom, wife, maid, referee, taxi driver, laundry duty and most importantly.. lately, putting out fires, yep I'm a fire woman! If I'm not as prompt at staying in the loop with phone calls, emails etc. - which I pride myself on being fairly good at, this would be the cause: a Full Load 

i hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!! Tis the season to be jolly, merry and uber busy. 

Documentation of some of the latest fires I've been busy putting out..... 

Practicing our letters the fun way! 
This started out real FUN and ended up a mess when Preston started eating the shaving cream then both boys started clapping their hands and spraying it all over my kitchen. This activity lasted a whole 10 minutes. (next time we'll try whip cream i think, at least I won't have to worry about P ingesting it)

 he did this and said "santa clause" - smart guy
 He's an artist in so many ways - our walls, doors and cabinets are slowing getting personalized by him. (And a black sharpie DOES come off of a computer screen!) shocking i know. I'm very thankful!!

 How creative. Adrian wet toilet paper and threw it all over the bathroom, I spent 30 min. cleaning up spit toilet water wads, so GROSS!

the "new bangs" also update the new dew on my "to bangs" post

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mexican Birthday

We met up with John's family for a little birthday dinner a couple weekends back. John shares the birthday month with his uncles Dan and David. 

If John would have been sporting his weekend crustache.. he might have been mistaken for a server at the Mexican restaurante. Even more so... if it were summer and he had his Romanian tan. 

 Thrilled with the hat ;)
 I thought it was totally weird how they spoon ice cream all over the birthday boys.

Looks like John's uncle Dan enjoyed it ;)

An added bonus picture: John's Grandma Madeline at Thanksgiving (the dinner that only John attended since our house was pink eye infested) His grandma still thought John might be carrying the pink eye virus to Thanksgiving dinner, so she opted for maximum protection with these stylish goggles - she had some rubber gloves too (photo not captured) She wasn't taking any chances...that's certain!
Tooooo funny! She really is a hoot tho!

Friday, December 17, 2010

To Bangs or Not to Bangs??!

I do this once a year, my inner struggle to decide whether to cut bangs or not to cut bangs
In the past.... John thinks I look like a lesbian from one of our favorite bands, someone told me I look like I did in high school (that's not always cool) I've been told I look younger (but I was young when that happened) I doubt I'd get that this time.
So then I cut them and regret it. BUT.. I really think I've just never really went all the way with it! I just cut a little bit (probably not enough, too thin and not short enough) I do that so if I hate them it's not a total pain to grow them back out. But I never get the real deal feel of them.

How trivial, I know... but a girls hair is very important to her! Ask one, they'll probably agree.

 The Blunt Cut Bangs - cute, but I don't understand how they keep them so flat and that.. "fresh cut look"
 The turd roll, v'd in the front... er no thanks

The WAY too much swoop bang! It's like a long version of Justin Bieber?!?!

The thin, in yo face Whispy-ness Fringe Bangs
This would be a driving hazard for me and I would constantly be blowing them out of my face.

The Asymmetrical Bang, cool for a hair stylist or uber trendy person (which I am neither)

The thick.. long.. kinda rolled. 
But on this chick, with those dimples and that face, she could have a mullet or butch cut and it would still be cute!
I like these too, a basic bang 
but it just might be because I like her as an actress??

My personal fav! The side swoop - which John makes fun of sometimes, I'm not sure why? 
(I just wish I could get mine to do that all the time) I can get this a couple times and then it goes to poo.

Decisions... decisions

UPDATED: I cut bangs! and here they are..... 
real glad I got that moment of impulsiveness out of the way.  
yes I cut them myself, I'm one of those that cuts their hair to whatever works for that day. If my ponytail is uneven I will just cut part of it. Also, youtube has so many tutorials on how to's, it's amazing!!

straight down

and here's to the side for something different. 
they're starting to grow on me now, I might keep them for longer than a couple weeks. It definitely takes a ton of weight out of the front of my hair (i used to get lost in it all) so overall I am liking the change. Although at first I was not, it prob took 2 weeks to get used to them. 

 I might try to keep em around for a couple months
and will probably try it again in 2012 ;)
OR I will just buy these next time - kinda wish I'd researched this first - Clip on Bangs!! who knew??