Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Christmas Trio!

Happy Holidays... Love, the Boys!

So after 50 + pics taken... I got one great one! We couldn't get Preston to keep his hat on tho and I had to give them tree ornaments to keep them occupied for about 5 seconds. I added the "sketch" photoshop option to the pic to make it a little more artsy.
In love with our 3
little amigos!!

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Amy Tranter said...

Such an adorable picture! they look like precious little angels, right? :)
I like the sketch option - gives it a different feel. See, you didn't need JCPenney's!
Let us know what day would work best to try to plan a visit - either the 26th or 27th may be our only options since we don't get in until late on 24th and leave 28th. I'm dying to see you guys though!
(sorry for long comment)