Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Eggs

Ok, so I know these don't look that appealing but they are actually pretty yummy and very healthy (I overdid the spinach a tad on these ones). I'm trying different ways to get the kids to eat healthy foods, soooo John bought me the book Deceptively Delicious - by Jerry Sienfelds wife. (good book!)
So I tried the Scrambled Eggs n Spinach & the kids LOVE them.

how to:
  • wilt hand full or two of baby spinach in a sauce pan with a couple tbsp's of butter -saute
  • after wilted add a little milk and cook until mostly evaporated
  • puree it up
  • add to your scrambled eggs and cook em like normal
  • I also added cheese to ours and cubed ham

Just because he's sooo cute! Here's Kellen as a Candycane ;)
John thinks I'm getting a little too girly with him. But with 3 boys....?! sorry Kellen!

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