Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009!!

Oh' Tis the Season... it was a wonderful but super busy holiday this year, we made the rounds and had many Christmas dinners in a span of 6 days and my little people got off their schedules (eating, napping, sleeping) and I have 15 loads of laundry, toys all over the place and a dirty house ;) But it was all well worth it!! This is what this time of year is all about... Families, quality time and loved ones. I think we all appreciate this time we have.. more and more as we get older. The kids received a toy overload but loved it... I think that each year will just get better and better with our boys, as they start to really get the Christmas concept!

Our family Christmas pic - once again Adrian is doing his own thing.. HAha

Aunt Val with Kellen.We hosted Christmas Eve at our house this year.

Kaleb and Kellen

Papa and P

Brian, Kaleb and Val

Grandma Honey and all her grandboys ;)

Such a handsome trio!!

Christmas morning in their new cafe diner.

Just need batteries and maybe I'll have some cleaning help now!

Grandpa Gary and Kellen

Christmas morning after the boys were done opening presents. So much fun!!

Nana Lu and all her grandboys ;)

Great Grndma Julia and Preston - We went to Amy and Jeff's Christmas Day

Aunt Famous Amos ;)

Uncle Justin reading lil P a book they got from the Fann's

Here's P sporting a camo do-rag.. this was one of grandma Julia's random exchange gifts... love her... cracked us up!!

"Kino" the cutest lil puppy! Jeff and Amy's new addition to the fam! The kids LOVED him, they all just wore each other out! I can't wait to get the boys a dog someday!

Aunt Mikki letting P taste a little caffeine... lol

We went to cousin Kasie's for a play date with her 4 little cutiepatootie's.. we brought a little testosterone to her house that day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Us vs. Cold

All bundled up for a doc appointment. It wasn't even thaaaat cold out this day. The next day felt like 20 degrees colder. Burrrrr oh burr! Let us hibernate all winter!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Eggs

Ok, so I know these don't look that appealing but they are actually pretty yummy and very healthy (I overdid the spinach a tad on these ones). I'm trying different ways to get the kids to eat healthy foods, soooo John bought me the book Deceptively Delicious - by Jerry Sienfelds wife. (good book!)
So I tried the Scrambled Eggs n Spinach & the kids LOVE them.

how to:
  • wilt hand full or two of baby spinach in a sauce pan with a couple tbsp's of butter -saute
  • after wilted add a little milk and cook until mostly evaporated
  • puree it up
  • add to your scrambled eggs and cook em like normal
  • I also added cheese to ours and cubed ham

Just because he's sooo cute! Here's Kellen as a Candycane ;)
John thinks I'm getting a little too girly with him. But with 3 boys....?! sorry Kellen!

Friday, December 4, 2009

John's getting old-er ;)

Happy Birthday John!

31 years ago today... my perfect match was born! (thanks Terri and John Craig ;)
To an outstanding father and husband.. hope you have a great birthday and MANY MORE!
We love you!

Some pics of John... as a little man, so cute!!

looking ornery with his sister

Awe.. and my favorite pic of him... in his college band days

Anticipating what his future will hold here on grad day... i bet he wasn't thinking 3 kids at this moment.. HA ;)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Christmas Trio!

Happy Holidays... Love, the Boys!

So after 50 + pics taken... I got one great one! We couldn't get Preston to keep his hat on tho and I had to give them tree ornaments to keep them occupied for about 5 seconds. I added the "sketch" photoshop option to the pic to make it a little more artsy.
In love with our 3
little amigos!!

Thanksgiving 2009

Look at all that drool! We can't wait until he gets his last couple of teeth!!

Pretty Sara and her boyfriend Matt with lil P

Mother and Son ;) such a great pic of Mikki and Gene!

Winding down the night in our jammies... the END ;)

Lookin Back....

Here are some pics from Adrian's first Thanksgiving 2006, it's fun to look back a couple years!
Gosh.. Kellen resembles Adrian a lot!

A Grosjean family pic... 4 generations (w/ lil Adrian)

John with his sis Valerie, nephew Kaleb, mom Terri and Adrian

Grandpa Gary n Pete dog

Great JuJu n Adrian

Nana LuLu n Hanna dog