Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ornery x 2

It's so great how well Adrian and Preston play together, especially now that Preston is getting older. They just have a blast together. But double the fun is double the trouble for sure! Of course Preston imitates just about everything his big brother does... the good and mostly the BAD ;) We keep thinking.. how much trouble we'll be in when Kellen is up and running next year!

See... they just look ornery!

Bathtime is absolutely their favorite!! We need a bigger tub!

xoxo Kellen!

Adrian decorating the tree ;)

Yes, ok so I jumped the gun and decorated for Christmas already! Ah, in hopes of getting my spirits raised as we head into our 2nd winter in Ohio. Of course we grew up with this... but after being in FL for so many years, it's hard.. and I swear it's way colder than I remember!

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