Thursday, June 4, 2009

MAY Funstuff ;)

It's been a crazy month of May with the move and all. We are slowly getting the kids rooms in order, still unpacking, organizing... but adjusting very well to having more space ;) The kids love having a bigger backyard and we are very lucky to be where we are at!!!

Adrian is now in gymnastics - I've found it is much more up his alley than the "library story time" for now. He has so much energy these days, so this class is PERFECT for him!
But... John was all scared that he'd want to be the next High Beam Champion and not want to play the sports that dad would like for him to play in the future ;) I thought this was pretty hilarious. I reassured John that he'd probably not be in this past age 4 or 5. It's just to get some exercise and run around like a CRAZY man!!

Sharing a pop cycle with dad

All these boys have the "lazy nap gene" !!! just look em!

Goofy kid... Adrian wants outside REAL bad! Our little MacGyver...

Holding strong at 32 weeks!!

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