Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Florida "Adult" Vacation

Well, John and I just got back from probably our "last adult vacation" for a long.. long time. We're very lucky, the kids were in terrific hands with our fantastic mothers. Terri stayed at our house with Adrian and LuAnn had Preston staying with her. Thanks grandma's!

So for our trip of course we went back to Tampa ;) The main objectives were...
One: to relax before the baby arrives in July, Two: we miss all our friends dearly and couldn't wait to see everyone and Three: we needed to see all of our little babies. When we moved last September, Jen was still pregnant with Xzavier and then Cody, Landen, Joshua, Aralynn, Katie and Bryson were all just babies.

It was a fantastic trip!!! We ate at most of our favorite spots and enjoyed catching up with everyone and the week of sunshine was much appreciated & needed! It was a little weird tho without having any of our kids there - took a day or two to learn "how" to relax again ;)... & then everyone was running around after their toddlers and John and I were just takin it easy! That was a first! ;)

John with his Great uncle George and Betty S.

Trev and John

Here's Xzavier and his brother Brutus, he was such a good baby (reminded me alot of Preston - relaxed and independent) ... Jen and Trev are very lucky parents.

Amy and I posing for a prego belly shot. Our due dates are 2 days apart... kinda crazy. Baby #3 and #2. And last year we were pregnant together as well.

Out for crablegs at Clearwater Beach

Cody was checking out lil X

Jen and Xzavier with Gayle and Landen

Lil X.. first time at the pool

Trevor and Jen always take all these cool pics with their photog buddy Jerry... (he did some awesome ones when Jen was pregnant last year)
So at the pool our last day.. Jen did her best Trev and Jerry shot. I think she did great!

A 7 month belly shot, just think.. .the baby is only about 2.5 lbs now, so it will triple in size by the end of July.

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Amy Janel Tranter said...

loved reading this post and seeing you guys and all the other siladie friends and babies again! thanks for including us in the visit!!

Just remember one thing my are getting to skip out on the dreadful HEAT of June & July in Tampa! :) Be praying for me!
ha ha