Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Adrian woke up and found his Easter basket, he looks pretty happy and is rocking some major bed head.. it's looking a little Rod Stewart-esk....

Here's Adrian at my in-laws for Easter dinner, this picture is how he spent most of his day/evening.. throwing many of his fantastic "terrible 2 tantrums" and whining.. all we can do is laugh.. Really!!!

Lately his favorite thing to do.. (other than throw a hissy fit and whine :) ...... is to crawl on the counter and raid the fruit bowl. Oh and he doesn't like to wear pants anymore either. We started the potty training thing (a whole other story/nightmare... didn't go so well) but now he just takes his pants off for no reason.

Auntie Val and Kaleb showing Preston his Easter basket.

Papa John and lil P

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