Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Videos of the Boys

Here's Adrian counting to 5. He's on this singing kick, he sings some of the numbers and he gets so bored so fast with it and exaggerates what he's saying or just stops in the middle and doesn't finish.

Preston is a full time walker now... I still think he looks too tiny to be walking. He really gets around pretty fast.
He makes us laugh sooo much and is such a happy child!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Adrian woke up and found his Easter basket, he looks pretty happy and is rocking some major bed head.. it's looking a little Rod Stewart-esk....

Here's Adrian at my in-laws for Easter dinner, this picture is how he spent most of his day/evening.. throwing many of his fantastic "terrible 2 tantrums" and whining.. all we can do is laugh.. Really!!!

Lately his favorite thing to do.. (other than throw a hissy fit and whine :) ...... is to crawl on the counter and raid the fruit bowl. Oh and he doesn't like to wear pants anymore either. We started the potty training thing (a whole other story/nightmare... didn't go so well) but now he just takes his pants off for no reason.

Auntie Val and Kaleb showing Preston his Easter basket.

Papa John and lil P

Playdate with Chase

Rachel and her family were in town from Atlanta last week and she brought Chase over to play with the boys. Chase brought me some beautiful pink roses.. such a little gentleman he is!! They all played so well together.. I wish we lived closer. But we'll be seeing them again in July ;)