Thursday, March 26, 2009

Preston's Jungle Bedroom & My First Wall Mural

Below is my very first wall mural. In Adrian's bedroom in FL. (2008)


I added a tree with a parrot and lizard (very Florida appropriate!)

Moving on to 2009 - Preston's room (i guess I was really into the jungle thing for a couple years :)

I've been wanting to do something with Preston's dull bedroom for a while now.. and finally realized that my belly's not getting any smaller and this pregnancy isn't going to get easier... so I worked on it this week and whallahhhh.. here's a jungle. So now he's got his friendly animals to keep him company ;)
Painting can be so theraputic!
Next will be a Big Godzilla for my neiphew Kaleb.

Nana and Adrian posing

Feeding Nana

Extreme closeup for Preston and his BIG Brown eyes!! Those are definitely dads!


Amy Janel Tranter said...

Nana doesn't look like she could possible be a grandma!!!!
Christa, you're going to age beautifully, my dear. :)
miss you!

Amy Janel Tranter said...

Oh, and I forgot the painting was on this same post - YOU DID THAT?!?!?
OMG - it's simply amazing and so cool! I wish you were here and could do it for us. :) Well I wish you were here for many more reasons....especially so I'd have a preggo to share time and pains with. :)
Loveyou guys so much and miss you. Love Adrian singing 311 too - can't wait to show Mike.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think i look older then your mom!!!!

Christa the room is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. Love all the pics, makes me sad, Adrian is soooooo big, the pics on the counter show his long legs. I still have his baby pic up on my fridge and it seems like yesterday.

love you,