Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Some New Pics

Time for P's new car seat. Can't bundle up and snap this one anymore.

Belly shot at 19 weeks
Just about half way done cooking... This one is really flying by!

Preston doing choirs. dish wish...

The three musketeers! Cousin Kaleb spent the weekend here. He's such a great big cousin and so good with the kids. Adrian loves to chase him around the house for hours. Preston will soon be following.

Preston taking a wobbly step or two.

Here's John multitasking like a champ... still able to turn it to Sportcenter and feed Preston at the same time. look at those skillz!

Adrian helped me cook some spaghetti sauce, he did great at stirring.

Adrian cracks me up!! He loves brushing his teeth and lately has been taking his toothbrush everywhere. Here he is giving Preston a lesson on oral hygiene ;) while chillin in his chair.

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