Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Dinner

We had dinner at Dave and mom's over the weekend. It was delish and we all enjoyed ourselves! We ended the night with a little competitive dice game LRC or LCR (however it goes??). It was all good fun and out of 3 games John and I won them All ;) I won 2 and John won 1. So we had a great dinner and took home about $50. A good night!

Uncle Jeff and Little P about to pass out.

A blurry pic of Dave showing Adrian how to taste a fine red wine.

John and his wad of ones... doing some money dance after he won ;)

Gene and his last $1.. maybe next time Geno??

Showing off some of my winnings.

Aunt Amy and her lucky $1... but it wasn't so lucky... sorry Amos!

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up Christa! Good job keeping up on the fam!!