Sunday, March 29, 2009

Preston's FIRST Birthday!!

It's so hard to believe that our lil Peanut turned one last week ;)
Thanks to all our family for coming out to celebrate the occasion! Since we didn't have our blog when Adrian was turning one year... I thought it'd be cute to compare the boys and put a couple of Adrian's one year pics up. So the next two are Adrian's "smashing cake" performance.

Adrian and dad in Oct. 2007

Both boys smashed it up pretty good!

John and I posing with Preston. Looking at 2 or 3 different cameras, it's rare to get a good pic with the whole gang looking in the same direction. Oh well....

Here's Adrian helping himself to some cake.

Handsome lil men!!!

Grandma Honey giving Preston some love.

His Grandma Honey did this... he'll be thanking her in 10 years when he sees this.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adrian Singing some 311 - Amber

If you listen closely "Amber - by 311" is playing on the computer and Adrian sings the "Oh-Ooo" part, it's cute. Preston has a cameo as well.

Preston's Jungle Bedroom & My First Wall Mural

Below is my very first wall mural. In Adrian's bedroom in FL. (2008)


I added a tree with a parrot and lizard (very Florida appropriate!)

Moving on to 2009 - Preston's room (i guess I was really into the jungle thing for a couple years :)

I've been wanting to do something with Preston's dull bedroom for a while now.. and finally realized that my belly's not getting any smaller and this pregnancy isn't going to get easier... so I worked on it this week and whallahhhh.. here's a jungle. So now he's got his friendly animals to keep him company ;)
Painting can be so theraputic!
Next will be a Big Godzilla for my neiphew Kaleb.

Nana and Adrian posing

Feeding Nana

Extreme closeup for Preston and his BIG Brown eyes!! Those are definitely dads!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bathtime for the Boys

Same hair-do....

Posing for the camera... actually I think he's trying to shove a puff in his mouth, it's cute regardless ;)

Preston dumps all his puffs out of his bowl and prefers eating them this way instead.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Some New Pics

Time for P's new car seat. Can't bundle up and snap this one anymore.

Belly shot at 19 weeks
Just about half way done cooking... This one is really flying by!

Preston doing choirs. dish wish...

The three musketeers! Cousin Kaleb spent the weekend here. He's such a great big cousin and so good with the kids. Adrian loves to chase him around the house for hours. Preston will soon be following.

Preston taking a wobbly step or two.

Here's John multitasking like a champ... still able to turn it to Sportcenter and feed Preston at the same time. look at those skillz!

Adrian helped me cook some spaghetti sauce, he did great at stirring.

Adrian cracks me up!! He loves brushing his teeth and lately has been taking his toothbrush everywhere. Here he is giving Preston a lesson on oral hygiene ;) while chillin in his chair.

Family Dinner

We had dinner at Dave and mom's over the weekend. It was delish and we all enjoyed ourselves! We ended the night with a little competitive dice game LRC or LCR (however it goes??). It was all good fun and out of 3 games John and I won them All ;) I won 2 and John won 1. So we had a great dinner and took home about $50. A good night!

Uncle Jeff and Little P about to pass out.

A blurry pic of Dave showing Adrian how to taste a fine red wine.

John and his wad of ones... doing some money dance after he won ;)

Gene and his last $1.. maybe next time Geno??

Showing off some of my winnings.

Aunt Amy and her lucky $1... but it wasn't so lucky... sorry Amos!