Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Preston's walking (with some help ;)

Just because...

This will be a classic pic! Typical male... on the couch, no pants, with the remote in one hand and some blueberries for a snack.... just chillaxin!

Preston the "Big Stander"

Cute hat.. huh

He loves his bathtime!

My lazy boyz....

Monday, February 2, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!

In this pic you can clearly see... it's a BOY!! No matter how many times that John and I do this.. I am always still so shocked how perfect these little babies are at just 14 weeks!

Here HE is!! The next little "Mister"... I always joke to my in-laws that my job here in life is to make sure that the family name lives on... And I think I am doing one heck of a job!! huh? I think everyone was a little surprised and shocked that we had made yet.. another boy. I think deap down John and I knew it was a little "Mister" tho.
We are very excited and I think with two boys already, adding another boy will be the easiest transition for all. Especially since they all will be about 14-16 months apart from one another. Hopefully they will be Best Friends. The 3 muskateers!
It's safe to say that our family is now complete (maybe ;) and John has his team that he's always wanted. And it looks like I will still be the queen of the house for now! ;)