Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Fun 2008!

The holidays are over...... Christmas was super busy this year. We aren't used to being around all of our family for the holidays, so it took some juggling but we managed to make it work and without too much stress ;) It was nice to be able to share the holiday with the family... that's what these holidays are all about. The only complaint I have is that I wish it would have snowed! If we're going to be in the cold it needs to at least snow for these occasions then!! geez!
I can't believe it's also the new year already... wow.. 2009. What will this year bring?

Horton hears a Who? He loved this gift! I'm finally getting used to being up on the newest kids movies and even enjoying watching some of them. It took some getting used to.

Mad dash to the gifts and Preston seemed to win. He actually had more interest in opening gifts than Adrian did. It was cute!

Preston playing the drums that Grdma Honey got Adrian.. everyone took their turn. Our tiny.. tiny drummer boy.

Actually John could play some tunes on these little tiny tot drums and he didn't sound too bad. I was surprised.

Preston seemed to like all of Adrian's gifts just as much as Adrian did.

My aunt Mikki and Preston in his little Santa digs that she got him.

Preston was trying to get one of his cousins Logan and Carson to play with him. He'll be a big boy one day soon...

Adrian beating up his cousin Kaleb.

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