Thursday, May 29, 2008

Babies... babies... babies!

Bryson Xavier Borrell born on May 9th
Congrats Sherrie & Pedro!

Joshua Micheal Tranter born on May 28th
Congrats Amy & Mike!

Landen David Johnston born on May 28th
Congrats Gayle & Drew!

It's been one baby filled month!! Congrats to our friends on their
new additions to their family! Was Tuesday night a full moon??
Amy and Gayle both went into labor the same night
and both a few weeks early. Crazy!

So.... who is having the little girl babies?? It's all boys so far.....

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Amy Janel Tranter said...

Wow - lots of May babies! I am just so thankful that Joshua came out before all this horribly hot weather started! =) Thanks for adding us to your site, and I need you to email me how you did that too!
Can't wait to get together soon...