Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flat Irons With My Girls

When my girls decided they wanted to come to CO and conquer a 14er together, I was SO excited!! 

They booked their trip and we were in the planning phase. Which one, how far, when to go and tracking the weather situation. Our excitement for this trip was taken down a notch when I started talking to my neighbors and researching a bit more online. We began to worry about the elevation change for Stacy and Rachel and if they'd even be able to make it up a Colorado mountain at all? Hearing stories (lots of stories!) of people coming here from the east coast and acclimating for a week, then trying this giant hike only for their fingers to turn purple and almost passing out because of the lack of oxygen just half way up. 

They said screw it. We were trying this regardless! We were determined to make this a reality! Rachel almost bought one of these masks-- they're supposed to help you get used to the altitude change before hand. Your suppose to train with it on. She didn't. We just rolled the dice instead.

The girls had 20 hours to acclimate. Ha! The day they got in we decided to hike the Flat Irons in Boulder. A big 7er (elevation 7,132 ft) Just half of the elevation we'd be trying the following day (14,000 ft). We thought it'd be better than nothing. 

Boulder bound. 

There's the Flat Irons peak.

Some steep parts and lots of rocks.

They crushed it. The girls did amazing! 

They were totally ready for another full day of hiking the next morning ;) 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Summer Vail Trip

What do you do shortly after school starts? You let your kids play hooky :) We weren't ready to get back to reality so fast. The kids summer break is just 9 short weeks. We decided to take them to Vail for a long weekend the second week after school started. I love that place in the summer! It wasn't very crowded at all. It was a perfect time to go.

Monkeying around.

John and I can get competitive with one another sometimes. Keeps us spry.

Working on our fitness.

I told the kids they could bring one small backpack with toys. They brought their Angry Bird plushy's.

Gondola Ride to the top!

This time we did not run into a storm, hail and lightening. Thank goodness. 

He cracks me up! He said "take a picture of me doing this, mom" lol

Poor John, of course got stung on his back by a bee on our hike. We had to chill at the top so he could recover. We had a nice lunch and a beer. It was a perfect weather day.



Friday, January 13, 2017


Fresh air, incline stairs and the kids burning up tons of energy. This activity is perfect for that. 

Mason went the easy way up-- on dads back. 

P and K were troopers and went up and down with me 4x. I was pleasantly surprised. 


That one time I got the boys to read a book in the hallway while I had parent teacher conferences. Yah, needed to document that one!! NOT always that easy.

Babysitting our neighbors dog, Mango. It'll have to do for now. Still working on dad :)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Love the 90's Concert - DC or Bust

In May I snuck off to DC for a girls weekend with two of my best friends. It's an unbelievable treat to be able to do something like this. I've known Rachel since we were 5 years old and Stacy since we were 12. We all live in different states now but when we get together we just pick up right where we left off. We had a great time catching up and spending time together.

We toured DC and Baltimore and then went to see Salt-N-Pepa, Spinarella, Coolio, All-4-One,  Biz Markie, Color Me Badd, Kid 'n Play, Rob Base and Tone Loc preform at the "I love the 90's concert".

I have to admit it was one of the best concerts I've been to. We didn't sit down at all. So-much-fun!!

We toured DC the first day. It was the perfect weather. Rachel has a plethora of information since her husband works in the secret service. The perfect tour guide.

We had dinner at the Old Ebbitt Grill a very old and well known restaurant that's popular with the local politicians.

Our bartender. I bet he's got some great stories to tell. He was so personable. He's been working there for a long, long time he said.

My martini was way too full but I didn't complain ;)

Dinner #2

We walked, and walked and realized we couldn't find the parking garage that we parked in. Oops. We hopped aboard the bicycle taxi, gave him some clues and things we remembered seeing before parking and he eventually found it for us. He was the man.

We shopped and ate and Rachel talked us into buying Helly Hansen jackets :) She's obsessed.


We rushed home from shopping and changed quick, plastered on the makeup, blue eye shadow, teased our hair out and used a can of strong hold hair spray and bam! We represented 80's/90's Jane Fonda, Stone wash jeans/jean jacket, and a little rapper/grunge/punk?

We danced the night away.

How happy are we!?! :) 

Spinderella in full effect.

After concert dinner view from outside of subway (the only place still serving food in Baltimore at midnight) Really... I was so shocked.

Crafting with Rachel's mini-me.