Sunday, March 1, 2015


When tragedy happens it's often a reminder of just how fragile our lives can be and just how quickly things can change. John's uncle David; just 54 years old had a stroke and a car accident. He was able to hang on with life support for several days before it was time for him to go. Such a tragedy-- he was taken away at far too young of an age!

It makes you think-- longer, harder and more clearly about what's important, what isn't and want shouldn't be and where you want to spend more of your precious time.

Spending more quality time and being more present with our boys is top on that list!!

A lunch date with P. It's important for us to carve out more one on one time with the kids. I know they appreciate it. He just loved our  Mexican day-date!

This past month has been filled with balancing all of our commitments. I've had to come to terms with the fact that I can't do it all and commit to everything that I or the kids would like to. It's unfortunate but I think I'm finally okay with it. I want to eat dinner with all 6 of us every night, which we do most of the time. But, I also don't want it to be rushed either. I know that soon enough we'll be taking dinner to go or eating in the van when kids want to commit to more sports and activities. 

Our weeks are currently looking like this...

Adrian's in DI (Destination Imagination) club; which I volunteer for and assist the coach. P's taking art classes; which he loves and is so good at. Kellen starts flag football in a couple weeks; we're so excited to go watch his games. And then swim classes are squeezed in between all of this. That right there is plenty for now :) 

Hoping we don't have any broken bones trying to learn this activity!!

Kellen's got the right idea. Ha!

A couple weeks ago we utilized our 70 degree day and painted outside with our neighbor friend.

So many masterpieces were made that day.

We dog sat our neighbor friend Mango. The kids beg for a dog once a month. I just can't commit until "I'M" ready to take on that extra responsibility... since we ALL know the dog would technically be mine to take care of. I'm just living in reality here :) 

He was well taken care of and spoiled. It so was easy since he's such a great dog!

John got these Neil Degrasse Tyson (John's a huge fan of Cosmos) tickets way back in June. He patiently waited 7 months for this night. It was a great show! I only fell asleep for about 15 minutes. But seriously, it could of been a loud rock concert and I'd still fall asleep. Four kids and Mason is still a bad sleeper-- I'm always tired. Especially when the show didn't start until 8:30-9... shortly before my normal bedtime. Neil shouldn't feel bad, I fell asleep during Book of Mormon too! Same place, same time, about a year earlier :) 

This guy came appropriately dressed as an astronaut. He was cute!

We need wood floors though out so we can scooter easily in the house.

Lot's of Valentine's cards to sign.

Our Baby ;( Our toddler. He's so big! How does that happen?!?!

My new project!!! I'm in-LOVE! I've been slightly obsessed with our local Facebook garage sale sites. Got this piece for a steal of a deal! I'm going to refinish it, stain it darker, maybe paint some of it and it will go in the basement near the bar area for extra seating. I already envision the kids playing board games down there or just snacking and chilling while sitting around the nook. 

I love breakfast nooks and anything in the "nook" family. As you can tell..... here

Ones working and ones sleeping.

Our car pool lane excitement... selfies.

Helping each other-- for a minute.

I like to say that our family keeps the tooth fairy in business :)

Playing pool with Nana.

Mason ate one of the pink balls. He said it looked just like gum. It did. I wasn't about to dig in his poo for it! We'll just be minus one ball. 

Kellen brings home space and planet books every week from his library trips at school. He's a lot like his dad.

Preston's first art masterpiece from his new evening art class he's taking.

Exactly what I was thinking!

For Adrian's DI group we needed one volunteer to commit to judging on a Saturday that their child wasn't preforming. I sucked it up and did it. Here I was on a Saturday training.

It actually was pretty cool once I learned what was needed of me. I'm looking forward to judging  next weekend! I'm glad I can help out and these kids that participate in DI are pretty awesome! It was fun to meet some of the older kids that have been doing it for many years. Listening to them talk about it and the impact it has on them was cool. These are such creative-imaginative people.

And then I found out, the Executive Producer, Harry for that Bank of the West commercial we did had went to the WORLD FINALS for DI when he participated in it back in the day. How cool!

And... mom dropped the ball on school pics this year :( I won't forget next year!!

They all looked so cute!

Preston still doesn't smile with his teeth since he said that loosing half of them has ruined his smile. He's so funny. His smile is perfect regardless!

So here are the boys for the past 6 days... resting, recuperating and trying to hold down solid foods.
The day before John left for Ohio Adrian came down with the nastiest stomach bug I have ever seen! He even missed an entire week of school. 

Of course his brothers got it 2 or 3 days later. It was inevitable. Needless to say, it's been the longest 6 days ever. Not much sleep for Nurse mom and the laundry going 24/7. Good news, I finally think that 2 of 4 are ready to go back to school tomorrow. Alleluia!!

My poor, poor babies!

The doctor said there wasn't much we could do... just to let it take it's course. This has been a 5 to 6 day course! Dang!! These stomach bugs seem to be getting worse an worse over the years. That's scary! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cousin Gene and Airplane Rides

Cousin Gene came to Dever a couple weeks ago. It was so nice seeing and visiting with him! The kids loved playing and he let them beat him up pretty good. He's a good sport!

Chosen weapons. Those light sabers made out of pool noodles are just the best!

It's a Geno-nino sandwich.

Cuz - Bro

I took him up to Daniel's Park to check out the view. We had a function after school and I was hurrying to get him up there before the sun went down. We were soooo close.

He got to see all four seasons that CO has to offer in January. The day I picked him up there was a mini blizzard and it took me 2 hours plus to get to the airport (usually 45 tops). It was crazy-scary.  Then 3 days later it was 70 and sunny. Gotta love Colorado winters.

Viv and Nana. 
For the record I did not cut Vivian's hair. But, I'll make sure I do from now on. I saw her new hairdo and had back flashes of when grandma Julia use to make us hold 3 sheets of toilet paper beneath our forehead so she could cut our bangs. I think I had short-crooked bangs from about the age of 5 to maybe 10 :) But in grandmas defense, it was better than bangs hanging in our eyes, right?! :) Muwah grandma!!

I get so busy sometimes I end up on auto pilot, cooking, cleaning up after everyone and trying to get things "done" (whatever that means?!) I forget to have fun and just relax and goof off. I'm going to try to remember to let loose more! I loved this when I was a child. Not to mention now days it's a killer leg work out.

Um, Adrian was a bit too big to airplane with me, unfortunately. We tried it though :)

My dad use to flip me up and over his head and I'd land on my feet. It was a blast. I kept it low for Viv. Nothing crazy and I was too scared of breaking her.