Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Wow! 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Having our 3 oldest at school all day and then preschool coming up shortly for Mason. I just can't believe it! The boys were most definitely ready to get back to their routine-- learn, play and see old friends and meet new ones.

How cute are the neighborhood kiddos! We have such a great cul-de-sac of families! It's a tradition for all the kids to walk together on the first day. Here are 11 of about 15 of the younger kids in the hood that walked together on this morning. 

There were about 11 parents that joined too. We were a giant gang-a-walking :) 

He was born ready for this day. 

K with our neighbor buddy.

Preston not paying attention, sort of, kind of? I think he was embarrassed and slightly annoyed that I took a bunch of pics of him in his line. Momarazzi's where all over the place with their iphones snapping tons of first day of school pics :) 

A and his neighbor/bestie V. So cute!

2nd day of school. 
Adrian had already walked the back way around school heading to his line. We've got 3 kiddos lining up in the 3 different places of the building. Mason the helper, always carrying something. He insists! Kellen and Adrian want to ride their bikes to school so bad! I think we'll start working on it soon. 

Here's Kellen's kindie graduation pic from late last May with our favorite Kindergarten teacher! Now on to 1st grade already!! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Cry

The boys were being, well... boys the other day, and being ornery boys at that. It was a long day and the start of school was just around the corner. The last month of summer has been so busy and we were ready for a better routine. Like a school routine. I just didn't have any more patience left for the day. I needed some quiet time from them so I could regroup myself and stay sane. I decided to keep them occupied by surfing our blog and showing them blog posts from when they were little and less argumentative with us and one another :) :) 

Looking back at those times seems to immediately calm me (no matter how frustrated I am) and for that, I'm so grateful to have started this long road of memories so-so long ago. Memories that I can pull up with just a couple key strokes.

I cried, and laughed and cried some more. 


I want to start taking more videos and doing these montages again. I love them and they make me cry and laugh at the same time. I cry mostly because they are growing up so fast. I don't want to miss anything, but yet I feel like I'm forgetting so much these days. It's slipping away and I'm hanging on as tight as I can. Just about every time I talk to my grandma she tells me how quickly it flies and especially when your busy with little ones. Grandparents are always right! Wah!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Active Boys

Active boys-- well, I say that loosely. It depends on what it is they want are willing to do :)

At the end of the school year Kellen finished up his Spring Flag Football season. I think it went a little better this season. Not as much flower picking in the fields and more football action and paying attention as to why he was there :)

Mason wanted to be out there so bad. He finally settled for wearing the flags, holding a football and watching contently (well, sort of) I still had to chase him out there a bunch.

He's in love with dogs! Definitely was a side line distraction for Kellen.

Adrian participated in an after school Lacrosse camp.

He learned some fundamentals and had a lot of fun with it. 

Sibling love.

These 2 took a summer martial arts program. 

It was good exercise for them! Learning to listen and follow directions was a bonus.

Army crawling.

Jumping jacks.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kellen turned 6

Playing catch up on the blog like usual :) I have so much to catch up here. Since I make our memory books out of my blog posts I try not to miss too much. I told John when we're old we can look at these books and reminisce and remember these moments because they are truly flying by! 

So our dear Kellen turned 6 last month. Our blonde hair, blued eyed, social butterfly who is 6 going on 16 had a birthday. He wanted to spend the morning at Chucky Cheese for "his" day. We grabbed our hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes and headed to the place where kids can be kids.

Great news... no one ended up sick after our visit! That's a successful Chucky visit! So what if I followed them around with wipes? Who cares if I looked like a crazy-pycho germaphobe? Many of those parents haven't had 4 young boys sick with the flu all at the same time before. Lesson's learned!

Kellen wanted me to put a Minecraft sword on his cake. This was as good as it got.

He said he loved it. 

Legos... because he doesn't have enough :)

This kid!! Can't believe he's 6! When he was born he had dark brown/black hair that ended up flowing into a fohawk, sort of how he sports it now. My goodness, he was the happiest little guy, always smiling and laughing. And still is. He's going to do something big someday with his high energy and charismatic personality.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cali or Bust - Part IV

Our last few days in Cali.

Diggin it.

Who brings a laptop to the beach? He does. #startuplife

The boys adopted this giant family sitting behind us. A couple grandparents, a few couples with their college kids and one boy in 5th grade. The kids loved hanging out with them. It was the only break I got at the beach :) Much appreciated! Half of the fam was from Ft. Collins. Three of them were elementary school teachers. They were SO nice and loved chatting with the boys for almost an hour.

He's the king of the his world.

The tide was strong! I spent the entire time wading, making sure Mason didn't get taken out with a wave. Such a different ocean experience than what we're used to from the gulf waters in Tampa.

And there he goes again. About to get pulled under for the 54th time. 

Blowing bubbles with new friends.


Raiding the giant bubble gum machine for some dessert. 

We dined in a couple nights. There was a grill on the balcony of each floor in the hotel. We saved some $ by eating in and bought a couple nice steaks for John to grill. I ordered some side dishes from the restaurant downstairs and bam, a tasty dinner for 2 on our patio. 

A really cooool tree.

The Pizza Port. We watched an entire Cavs playoff game with the kids. Thank goodness there were arcade games right next to us. It was such a fun night even though they lost. Lots and lots of Golden State fans there. We may have been the only ones cheering for the Cavs!!? Yep.

We ran out of ice and had to resort to the kid's Lego man ice cubes for our poolside Margarita's.

Wise words on a wall.

An obstacle course. Our hotel had so many activities for the kids. 

Movie night in the courtyard. Big screen of Big Hero 6. John took the older boys down for the show. Mason and I slept. It felt great!! 

So many families and kids. This hotel was perfect for us!

The place where adults could escape and relax. "The" adult hot tub. 

We still used our thinking caps on vaca. A little bit....

Mason thought the fountain was a pool.

Our 12th Mexican meal of the vacation.

A hazy SoCal morning run.

Beach discoveries.

Dead shrimp. Very interesting to young boys. 

I took really nice matchy, matchy but not too matchy, matchy clothes for all of us to wear in hopes of capturing our Christmas card picture for 2015. We took the tripod and I envisioned a beautiful family photo on the beach. It didn't happen. We ended up with this. Gym/road trip clothes on... 10 minutes before dipping out and heading home. But I'll take it! It's of us and we're all there looking in the same direction. Even Mason under his eye lids. 

Soaking up just a little more beach time before leaving. It was hard to leave... we love, loved this vacation!!!  

Laundry duty before heading out. Adrian folds much better than I do.

A little site seeing on the way home.

There happen to be a traffic jam past Dillon, CO just a couple hours from home, so we opted to stop for one last "vacation" dinner. A place that was probably too fancy for our road trip wardrobe and bedhead, but it was delicious and we enjoyed the mountain views. 

then home bound!