Thursday, November 16, 2017

Here come our Florida Crews! Second-- The Johnston's

Last summer we had the pleasure of our great friends the Johnston's visit us in CO. 

Boulder bound.

Not the smartest thing to let them do... but it was fun for them for about 2 minutes.

These two.... 8 years ago

The largest dandelions I've ever seen.

Friends for almost 15 years. 

Here come our Florida Crews! First -- The Blosser's

The Blosser's come to town.

7 boys in all-- wow!

Patiently waiting for the fireworks to start.

Strategizing! I can only imagine this was a childhood dream for Tre and
John to have their own football teams as adults. 

The babies.

Nerf wars rocked. Gotta love pelting a bunch of kids with darts  ;)

Boulder River. Dangerous photo opt. This pic is a wet kid just waiting to happen.

Cheers! Who needs more sugar?!? Oh we do!

Such good memories!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Kellen turned 8

That time when Kellen turned 8 this past summer ;)  
Whew... now I think I'm almost caught up here, on birthdays at least?!

Last minute we had a little neighborhood parTAY. 

His favorite food is a cheeseburger so this giant cookie cake was perfect.

Our traditional birthday breakfast at IHOP. And also the morning that the retired military man sitting next to us paid for our breakfast. He told me I was raising good young boys and it takes a special mom for this job of mothering 4 BOYS! He was impressed at our conversations and how I talked with them. I was shocked and flattered and cried of course. They were being well behaved this particular morning ;) You just never know who's paying attention! 

We also hit up Dart Warz at Kellen's request. He's our higher maintenance birthday boy lol. He always has lots of requests on his special day. Not surprising. 

John took him indoor skydiving. This was A's request last year too for his bday. 

John joined in.

Happiest of birthdays to Kellen. Eight going on eighteen! Our little charmer and future salesman of something very expensive.

July 4th in Vail

We usually spend this holiday hanging in our hood for the 4th. This year we wanted to check out the fireworks in Vail for something different. It was so much fun and the fireworks were amazing. We were so close them we actually had ashes in our hair.

So peaceful and fun. 

Catching candy.

He'll be taller than I am in no time.

We lunched at an awesome pizza place. It was like a date night, almost. The kids were entertained in the courtyard with chess, corn hole and frisbee. We got to talk without interruptions. Amazing :)

Good times. We'll be back next summer!