Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas 2015

And just like that another Christmas has come and gone :( and way too fast in my opinion! I feel like I just put up our tree and warm, cozy Christmas decor throughout the house (2 days before Thanksgiving- maybe next year I'll start a week before T-day? ;) and now it's all down and tucked away until next year. 

I love getting our Santa picture every year. The boys said they will do this Santa progression picture until Mason is 18. I think that would be so cute and fun to do. So here are our Santa's from Christmas past.... (2011)





Same place each year. Same positions on his lap (except the first year- darn it!)

He poses so well. Lot's of practice I guess. 

He just looks ornery in this picture!

Elsa and her sister were hanging out near Santa when we visited. The boys weren't all that impressed but mom hates to miss a good photo op!

Cookies, milk and notes for Santa.

We were able to capture Santa again this year. John said he looked a little smaller & shorter this year.. :)

Nana opening a gift from Adrian.

What boy doesn't want to get a t-shirt for Christmas... lol

All the craze. Future programers. We're keeping our fingers crossed! #nerds 

There were many. many air hockey tournaments on Christmas day!

Construction. Build half... eat half.

Making cookies with our BF and neighbor. Mason is so not guilty of eating his cookie decor.

Mason loves games and is understanding what taking turns means... finally. 

Dad came to CO smuggling Coccia House pizza on the plane! What an awesome treat!!!

More fun games.

Christmas Eve program at Cherry Hills with Pa. 

It was very pretty!

Strumming music with Pa.

Our neighborhood White Elephant party. Lot's of parties and events going on in December. We were pretty much exhausted by January 2nd :) In a good way.

Bonus pic of the very pink mountains the other day :)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Amazing Double Tooth Pull... Bam!!

Preston and Kellen had a stellar idea to tie their loose teeth together with one string and run in opposite directions.

Better quality video click here:


Preston kept running all the way to the other side of the house. 


And we still had to pull Preston's by hand. And I sucked at it, again. Maybe by the time Mason starts loosing teeth, I'll have this string/teeth/pull thing down?!? One try!!! #goals

Saturday, December 19, 2015

To Build a Snowman

Only in Colorado. T-shirts, shorts and a fresh snowman.

Halloween Weekend Part 2

aaaaand.... Christmas is almost here!!

My friend, Chance works part-time for her friend and neighbor which is an awesome and amazing photographer!

Every year she does a FREE Halloween shoot in her studio for kids in costumes. Such a sweet thing to do! They asked me to help out in exchange for a photo shoot of the boys later on. I was elated and said YES absolutely!! It was a lot of fun to help out and see all the cuties patooties in their costumes.

The school parade.

How funny... Anakin Kellen being followed by a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader. 

Neighbor friends.


Vilans and super heros, unite! And a cop :)

I'm not sure how we got so lucky to have moved into a very special cul-da-sac street of 18 houses. And about 15 of them are pretty tight and about 7-8 of them are really tight like a bubble and have turned into our best friends. We are thankful for our street! It's true what they say... it takes a village. And when you live far away from your family, the next best thing is an amazing group of neighbors! #nosuckyneighbors

Obligatory shot pic at the annual cul-de-sac pre-Halloween trick or treat shin dig :) 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Loose tooth + String = Fail

Channelling the Tooth Fairy for Kellen...

Kellen lost his first tooth last week. He asked us to tie a string to it and pull it. I was a bit shocked since we're usually the ones that have to talk the kids into trying it. John documented the journey with a video to get Kellen's tooth out. I failed him on the first try but the second was a great success!


Disclaimer: my giant hand with the reddish dot on it that John's making fun of looks really gross but it's just a blood blister from earlier that day. The kids made airplanes at Home Depot and I was helping and hammered my finger... oops! It was the only injury of the day.